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Walkers Ages 12 Months to 18 Months
State Ratio - 1 to 4                    DLC Ratio - 1 to 4

The Walkers Program is designed for mobile infants ages 12 months to 18 months. This class is for infants who still need the personal attention a 1:4 ratio can provide, but are on the go and ready to explore their surroundings. They are given the opportunity to make new discoveries and experience some independence. Each child is assigned a primary caregiver who primarily feeds, changes, and cares for them. Our Walkers staff will begin to introduce structure to the class and acclimatize the children to the same schedule, including one nap a day. The children will learn how to spoon feed, eat at a low table in a child size chair, nap on a cot, walk through the halls, play on the playground, climb on their indoor soft climbing unit, clean up toys, sit in a group for story time, and singing songs. Other activities include puppets, dress-up, art projects, playing toys, and more.

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