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Parent Communication

Open communication is an important aspect of successful relationships. DLC uses multiple avenues to communicate effectively with parents on an ongoing basis. We also encourage parents to communicate with teachers and administrators when they have questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.

  • The Center is owner operated and the owner is on-site full time providing Real Time Availability to discuss questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns.
  • Administrators and Lead Teachers maintain full-time schedules so that they are available to parents during drop-off and pick-up time, which helps to facilitate daily verbal communication. Conferences can also be arranged upon request.
  • There are phones and an overhead intercom system installed in every classroom to improve overall school communication.
  • Walkie Talkies are used during outside time so that Administration and Teachers can communicate quickly when necessary.
  • The Director communicates with parents on a regular basis by putting information in each child’s cubby and through e-mail communications.
  • The Center maintains an interactive web site with an up to date calendar of events, “Meet the Teachers” section, and more.
  • Each classroom maintains a “Parent News” bulletin board at the entrance to their classroom with important postings such as the classroom schedule and other pertinent information for parents to reference.
  • Each day, parents are given a daily written report from their child’s teacher indicating how their child’s needs were met throughout the day.
  • Each week teachers distribute a weekly lesson plan summary of classroom activities to each child’s cubby.
  • Three times a year, teachers perform an assessment on each child to determine progress in their development and schedule conferences with parents on an individual basis to discuss the results and/or any concerns the teacher or parent might have. 
  • Annually, parents are encouraged to fill out our Annual Parent Feedback Questionnaires to let us know how we are doing and where we need improvement.


Coming Soon!

  • A Parent Teacher Association to strengthen the connection between family and school. Please stop by the office if you are interested in creating and/or joining what will be a wonderful organization that will help our center grow and offer better experiences to our families.
  • An “information depot” available to parents. The details are a surprise, but we know you’ll be sure to love it!
Center Highlights
  • A clean, safe, and loving environment
  • A secure entry system with individual access codes for each parent
  • Camera security system in every classroom, the lobby, and the playground
  • Qualified teachers that are caring, knowledgeable, and friendly
  • CPR & First Aid certified teachers
  • Owner-operated with the owner onsite every day
  • Real time availability to discuss questions, suggestions, and concerns
  • Free internet camera service
  • An interactive web site
  • Phones & intercoms in every classroom to improve overall communication
  • Full use of all hours of operation (6:30 am – 6:00 pm) included
  • Flexible scheduling
  • HighScope Curriculum
  • A wide variety of age appropriate toys and learning activities
  • Extra curricular classes
  • Newly renovated facility
  • A home like setting with maple furniture, cozy seating, and warm colors
  • Vinyl wood floors throughout that are sanitized every night
  • Sensor faucets, soap dispensers & hand dryers to minimize the spread of germs
  • Cots in every class for more sanitary sleeping conditions
  • “Eco” line furniture from Tot Mate - made from recycled material, free of harmful chemicals, high level of quality and durability, and rounded child-friendly edges
  • Multiple classes divided by age
  • Separate age appropriate classroom for school age children
  • Separate classrooms for infants and walkers
  • A private nursing room for mothers to breastfeed
  • Computer Lab/Multi-Purpose Room
  • A large outdoor playground with areas separated by age
  • Special visitors, activities, events, and field trips
  • A daily report for each child
  • Progress reports for each child
  • Cash referral program
  • Other upgrades coming soon

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