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Infants Ages 6 weeks to 12 Months
State Ratio - 1 to 4                    DLC Ratio - 1 to 4
The Infant Program is a warm and nurturing environment where babies from 6 weeks through 12 months of age grow and experience so many first milestones. Our professional team of caregivers offers loving and personal care based on a schedule that the parents provide. Each baby is assigned a primary caregiver who primarily feeds, changes, and cares for them. This allows both the baby and the parent to develop a bond with a special caregiver. Our Infant class is designed to provide a learning environment where babies will have one-on-one interaction with their primary caregiver throughout the day. Our Infant staff will expose the babies to playful music, basic art, and play learning games that stimulate the baby’s five senses and cognitive processes. Our Infant staff will also encourage each baby to achieve their developmental milestones through active play like providing tummy time when the baby is developing their upper body, providing floor time when the baby is learning to sit, clapping hands together when the baby learns to celebrate their achievements, and taking those first steps when the baby is ready to go. All of this takes place in a calm setting with warm colors and soothing music so babies can get the peaceful sleep they need.

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